Level 1

Local Background / Background Check for local City, or State

  1. Local City Check
  2. Local State Check
  3. Basic Local Name and DOB Check

level 2

Nationwide Background

  1. Background
  2. Current City or State
  3. Past City or State
  4. Nationwide Name & DOB Check

level 3

FBI Finger Printing and Background

  1. Finger print on location
  2. Confirm Positive Identification
  3. Home Land Security-Verification
  4. Know ID of who you are hiring
  5. Little to know cost to you or your business
  6. Payroll Deduction – During 30-60 Day Probation Period

Protect your Company's Integrity

"Take the Direct Approach" to your Company's future personnel and workforce security by allowing your business to positively identify all employees that are employed by you at various levels of management, supervision, workforce personnel to comply with all of the future Homeland  Security standards!


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