Our Approach

Our Mission

At ALT Direct Enterprises, LLC @ Companies, AKA Direct, our mission is to provide you with several levels of professional security & investigative services.  At Direct we do this by providing those comprehensive, professional security services on various levels.  We at Direct do this with the mindset to “Take the Direct Approach” to all of your security needs.  While providing first, professional security consulting to address the needs of our clients and then also providing the professional know how to fulfill those security & investigative needs.  All of these services will be provided in order to accommodate the everyday needs of consumers & business clients everywhere throughout the USA.

Our Story

Meet the Team

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A.L. Travers

Founder and CEO

The overwhelming majority of security companies are run by businesspeople who lack law enforcement or security backgrounds. A.L. Travers of ALT Direct Enterprises in Atlanta, Georgia, has more than 35 years of experience in law enforcement and security consulting, allowing him to bring a better perspective to your security needs.

Experience You Can Trust

A.L. Travers' experience includes developing community policing programs and creating a format for addressing local community issues and concerns. He also ran a program to train police officers to deal with the public on a day to day basis without being harmed or injuring themselves or others. He also developed a stolen auto task force that teamed up with other departments in 15 counties surrounding Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Fairfax County, Virginia, Washington, DC., Maryland State Police, and FBI.

A Career Keeping People Safe

At 18 years old, intrigued by law enforcement and the security business, A.L. Travers took a security job and decided he wanted to protect people for the rest of his life. After working in security, he took law enforcement classes. In 1986, he entered the police department. In 1992, while still in the police department, he started the Direct brand.  In 1996, he left the police department to start the investigative and security portion of the business. The firm provided a full range of security services, investigative services, and products.

Don't Walk Around With Blinders On

Everybody has a sixth sense about things, but most people ignore it. A.L. Travers believes people should be more aware of their surroundings in order to stay safe. His sense is heightened and he reacts on those instincts to protect people, clients, and his family. This is the foundation for his "Take the Direct Approach" philosophy he brings to his clients: prevention versus response.

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