Security and Consulting

If you feel you could be safer, make our security consulting firm your first option. We provide the information you need to make accurate and most beneficial decisions for protecting your property, business, and family.

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Employee Checks

Make sure you know what you need to know with our private investigation and background check services for your company. Find out the facts about the people you intend to hire.

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Policing and Patrol

From industrial parks to residential communities, a wide range of properties can benefit from our community watch and security patrol programs. Our goal is to reduce crime by boosting awareness.

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Since 1993

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional athletes, entertainers and executives with personal protection and risk management services.  ALT Direct Enterprises will provide the highest level of protection by reducing your exposure to risks, protection from bodily harm, evaluate and assess the surrounding environment,  and also educate clients after the evaluation is complete.  We strive to accommodate the everyday needs and minimize the daily risk to the future of existing professional careers of today’s athletes, entertainers, and business executives.


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